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Fanfic Update

Title: Guarzione di Argenta (Lining of Silver)
New Chapter: Chap 3-Comforting Friends, Turn Mates ( chapter) <if you want to read it with the lemon, go to the, if you want to read it w/o the lemon, go to the>, Chap 4-New Ally
Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance
Major Pairings: Sess-OC
Minor Pairings: Kag-Kouga, San-Mir, Inu-OC(diff OC)
Rated: R for violence, language, and lemony content (in later chapters)
Summary: Velluta is an Italian Exchange student who shows up at Kagome's house a during finals week. She is going to start the next school year with Kagome, but is she? Once Kagome has to go back to Feudal Japan, Velluta follows her! Kagome freaks and trys to send her back, but she can't get back through the well! Now she is stuck there, so what will happen when the group finds out that have a new member?
Chapter Summary:
Chap 3- Inuyasha confesses his love to Kagome, then when he goes to kill Kikyou, she puts a spell on him to say he loves her, and Kagome witnesses the exchange of kisses between them. Kagome runs off and Velluta sends Kikyou to hell. While in the middle of her sulking Kouga comes along, and Kagome realizes that her love was for him, and not Inuyasha. (sorry if you think this chapter was rushed, my friend was pushing me to write quickly so she could get into the story.<--poor excuse I know...Gomen.)
Chap 4- After Kouga joined the group they run into a bear youkai, and kill it, and Kagome, Velluta, and Sango help the injured youkai that the bear was holding hostage. After cleaning up her wounds, the whole group finds out that she is Kouga's sister (like blood sister, not just a pack sister).

I apologize now if these two chapters seem a little rushed!! My friend was forcing me to write (which is a good thing) so she could get introduced into the story, but because of that, I guess I rushed everything.
The chapter titles on here are linked to the chapters. The actual link in parenthesis is a link to for chapter 3.
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