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Fanfic updates

I updated some of my fanfics, so here they are. I hope no one gets mad at how long the entry is, just in case the LJ Cut doesn't work (cause sometimes for me, it doesn't) and then we have this whole long LJ entry, so just incase it doesn't work and that happens, Gomen, gomen, gomen!!!

<lj-cut text="Fanfic updates and stuff">
Title: Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?
New Chap: Chap two- Youkai Ai Youkai Yume , Chap three- Spilled Secrets, Sworn Promises
Genre: AU/ Romance/ Drama/ Action/ Adventure
Major Pairings: Sess-Kag
Minor Pairings: San-Mir, Inu-Kik, Rin-Kohaku, Shippou-Kanna, Nar-OC(one sided), Kouga-Ayame, Kagura-OC (so she isn't left out of the lovin')
Rated: R for violence, dark imagery and lemons (later chapters)
Summary: AU. When the final battle arrived, Kagome and the others are joined by Kouga, Ayame, Kikyou, and Sesshoumaru, then during the battle Kagura and Kanna backstab Naraku and get their hearts back, and they all think they defeated him. Once the wish is made on the Shikon no Tama, it re-entered Kagome's body. Later that evening, she returens home to tell her family, but instead finds them slaughtered. It was Naraku who killed them, and almost killed her. Now after being frozen until someone could operate on her and save her, she is woken up 117 years later, but they find she is not injured and doesn't need surgery. Once her happy, and horrid memories return, she befriends her doctor, and that's not all that awaits her in the year 2121...
Chapter Summary: Chapter Two: Kagome is giving a job at Rachelle's bar and meets a certain little girl. She also makes a new friend and co-worker named Jamie. She also meets Rachelle's unwanted "boyfriend" Ragno, and discovers her secret talent of mixing drinks. Later she is hit on by a certain youkai, who is smacked upside the head by another certain youkai, and Kagome doesn't recognize them, but they know her... but from where?
Chapter Three: After having a talk with another new friend named Erin, Kagome has to find out for herself what happened between Rachelle and Ragno.

Chapter Three follows directly after chapter two. Also, Marahute, Rachelle, Rachie-Wachie, and Dr.Ixion are the same person. Just different names for her. Lol. Hope you like it! On the site I lowered the rating to PG-13, so I could post it on my friend's C2 Community, but it really is Rated R. I will move the Rating up if a chapter I post forces me to. Or unless you think I should.

Title: Back to the Beginning
New Chapter: Chap 2- Unusual IceBreaker
Genre: AU/Drama/Romance
Major Pairings: Sess-OC
Minor Pairings (but they make major appearinces through out the story): Inu-Kik, Kag-Nar, San-Mir, Kouga-Ayame
Rating: R for violence, self-mutilation, language, dark imagery, lemon(later chapters)
Summary: Two beings that are made for each other. One is carved out of ice, one is just a burning heat. They have more in common than they think. How can they come to terms?
Chapter Summary: Annika goes to pick up her little sister from school, and as it seems she makes a new friend, and asks if she could come over. By coincidence the friend happens to be Sesshoumaru's little sister! He walks them all home so he could get his curiosity settled by asking a few questions, but as luck would have it, it wasn't that easy. A huge group of kids from Annika's past come to harass them and as the title of the chapter, it turns out to be an unusual icebreaker for Annika and Sesshy.
The chapter was supposed to be longer, but I didn't think I should have, so the next chapter is supposed to be like this one, but I just made it it's own chapter instead, Lol. Hope you like it!

My background picture on my real LJ, and the link in the Back to the Beginning story is by my friend Angie! She's totally awesome! She is also drawing another picture for me because she is just totally super cool! So YAY! for her!! lol.
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