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Yay! Okay, I have finally updated my fanfics! Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy? is up to chap. 4 now and Back to the Beginning is up to chap. 3! but is down right now, so I can't update them right now. But I have a one-shot short story I can let you all read! I will post it on too when i get the chance. Rose inspired me to write some yaoi fanfics asa New Years Resolution! So this is the 1st of four ideas i came up with! lol... so here it is..

Title: Some Consequences Are Not All Bad
Genre: Romance
Rated: R (for lemony goodness)
Pairings: Sesshy/Naraku
Summary: When Sesshoumaru invites Naraku into his home to make a deal to become allys, something more comes out of the deal.

Title: Some Consequences Aren’t All Bad
Pairing: Sesshoumaru - Naraku
By: Sweet Raptured Light

Date: 1/15/05


The beautiful creature sat elegantly at the table. His legs were crossed and taut as he awaited his guest. It was rare he would have the patience for anyone, especially a hanyou. They were grotesque animals that were not worth a second glance from the taiyoukai, but this one was as evil as he was. This one caught his attention and never let go. He needed this one. His eyes were closed to his surroundings as he awaited the arrival of his newest ally.

‘I will make him mine’ he thought. He had never put a passion to anything except fighting. His mother was the only one he loved, but ever since she had passed away, he shut his heart off from everyone. Now he could hardly believe, this malevolent creature, this seductress of evil, this hanyou, this Naraku, could have stolen his heart right out from underneath his nose.

He opened his eyes and looked around the room. He nodded in assent for the fifth time. This room would be appropriate. The ceiling was high and elaborately decorated with a giant dog standing proudly atop a hill with the moon cycle around him. The windows were high as well and open, making the red silk curtains billow in the wind. The curtains had the same design on them as the ceiling embroidered in silver. The doors into the room were halfway to the ceiling and were cherry wood, designed with elaborate curves. The table he sat at was long, appropriate for dealing business with other taiyoukais or anyone else. The one detail that made this the room to deal business with Naraku was that there was a screen in the back of the room, large enough to hide a futon behind. The screen was thick enough so no one walking in the room could see what was happening behind it. Also, there was a barrier around that area, so anyone who did manage to unlock the door, would not hear what was happening behind the screen.

He closed his eyes once more and with his amazing sense of smell, he picked up on the scent of his beloved. To anyone the smell of sulfur and death would turn even the mightiest into a newborn pup, blind and unknowing of the world around. But Sesshoumaru was different; lingering with that scent he could smell the arousal.

‘Perhaps this Naraku is excited to be in the presence of this Sesshoumaru,’ he thought and he opened his eyes when he heard his guest sit three seats down on his right. Naraku bowed his head in respect and in return, Sesshoumaru inclined his head.

“I suppose you know why you’re here hanyou,” he said harshly.

“Yes, Sesshoumaru,” Naraku smirked. He knew Sesshoumaru could smell his arousal, and he could smell Sesshoumaru’s growing…

“In my castle, everyone addresses me as Sesshoumaru-sama. You are no exception,” he sneered, even though seconds before he had shudder as his name passed over the lips of the beauty that sat not even three feet from him.

“My apologies, Sesshoumaru…sama,” he looked into the taiyoukai’s eyes and could see the wanting that matched his own.

“Very well. If you know why you’re here, then tell me,” Sesshoumaru crossed his arms as his back was rigid, as was something else.

“You wish me as your ally. And I humbly accept,” Naraku looked up and down the stiff taiyoukai.

“It is not that simple. In times of trouble you may call on me, and my armies will aide you. But if I shall need your help, if the time ever comes, then you shall aide me in return,” Sesshoumaru informed him, feeling the hanyou’s eyes trailing him up and down. Burning holes into him, looking into his soul. Sesshoumaru took out the parchment that had been on lying on the floor next to him. He grabbed his quill and signed his name at the bottom, then proceeded to slide the agreement over to Naraku. Their fingers touched for a brief second as Naraku took the agreement from him. After looking over the parchment, he signed his name as well, and then they sat in silence.

A servant knocked on the door and entered with the allowance from Sesshoumaru. She brought over to both of them some sake and on Sesshoumaru’s orders earlier, a bit of an aphrodisiac was in Naraku’s cup. Sesshoumaru smirked as he took a sip from his cup, not even realizing the servant screwed up; Naraku did though. He could smell the aphrodisiac in his cup as well. The good Lord Sesshoumaru must have ordered it put in his cup, but not knowing the stupidity of his own servants, they put it in his very own cup as well.

‘This is going to be interesting after all,’ Naraku smirked as well, drinking his sake.

It wasn’t until he was halfway done with his sake that Sesshoumaru felt the effects of the aphrodisiac kick in.

‘Kami damn those servants of mine! They can’t even follow an order correctly!’ he cursed those half-wits he had called servants.

“Well, it seems that the most affectionate creature in the world is a wet Inu-Taiyoukai,” Naraku said after he had finished his cup of sake, also feeling the effects. He felt himself grow hard just looking at the taiyoukai and his arousal spiked, causing Sesshoumaru’s arousal to spike from the scent of Naraku’s.

Sesshoumaru understood fully what Naraku had meant from he statement, encoded was the subliminal message that the most passionate creature in the world was a horny Sesshoumaru, and it was true, just ask all the wenches he had bedded with when the need arose.

In a second Sesshoumaru had Naraku pinned against the wall. He was being held by his throat. “Would you like to test that statement?” Sesshoumaru whispered huskily, his breath caressing Naraku’s ear.

Naraku shuddered and his eyes rolled back. “Yes.” Sesshoumaru responded by plunging his lips onto the hanyou. He quickly slid his tongue into Naraku’s mouth, reaching every corner. Naraku slowly brought his hands up Sesshoumaru’s chest and took off his armor.

By now Sesshoumaru had wrapped his fluffy tail around Naraku and Naraku wrapped his legs around his waist. Slowly but surely Sesshoumaru brought them over to the screen, still lip-locked with Naraku; who needs to breathe? The taiyoukai slowly laid the hanyou on the bed and pulled apart.

“You are given the chance to back out now,” Sesshoumaru told him, though he sincerely didn’t want to.

“Naraku never backs away from anything,” he smirked.

Sesshoumaru plunged to his neck and started to remove Naraku’s clothing, getting better access to his shoulders and started to kiss up and down the available skin. Naraku moaned a bit and Sesshoumaru smirked against his skin. Sesshoumaru continued to remove Naraku’s shirt and once the article of clothing was thrown to the side Sesshoumaru proceeded to kiss and lick up and down Naraku’s finely toned abdomen.

Naraku pushed Sesshoumaru away a bit, “Koi,” he purred and started to remove some of Sesshoumaru’s own clothing, “I can’t last much longer,” which was a lie, he was controlling himself very easily. Sesshoumaru’s shirt was now thrown aside, and Naraku ran his hands up Sesshoumaru’s chest. The taiyoukai felt himself grow hurting inside his pants; he definitely needed to remove those soon. He took out his youki whip and slashed one blow and in a second his and Naraku’s pants split and fell off.

“Turn over,” was all Sesshoumaru uttered and Naraku complied. He felt the tip of Sesshoumaru’s manhood at his opening, and shuddered as he readied himself. How he had waited for this moment, plotting for the time to come when he could share a bed with the magnificent Taiyoukai of the West.

The aphrodisiac had long worn off and now Naraku and Sesshoumaru had been showing their true emotions. Their lust and love for each other, long hidden, and now, finally able to be shown.

Before Sesshoumaru plunged into Naraku’s depths, he ran his hands up the spider mark on Naraku’s back; tracing it with his tongue, letting his hands glide down Naraku’s stomach to his own manhood. Sesshoumaru started to suck on the crook of Naraku’s neck where he would mark him for later as he ran his hand up and down Naraku’s length, having him drop his guard before he plunged in. Naraku moaned and one of his hands joined Sesshoumaru’s in running up and down his length, quicker and quicker as Sesshoumaru thrust into him.

He continued to thrust until he felt himself almost over the edge. He quickened his speed with his youkai power and bit down hard as he had an orgasmic rush of lust into Naraku, as he felt Naraku’s own seed spill over both their hands.

They both collapsed onto the bed after and Sesshoumaru pulled out of Naraku so the hanyou could turn and face him. Sesshoumaru lapped up the blood from his mark and intertwined his fingers with Naraku’s.

“Koi let me mark you as well,” Naraku purred as his free hand ran through Sesshoumaru’s hair and rested on the back of the taiyoukai’s head. Sesshoumaru only lifted his gaze as Naraku spoke. He then inclined his neck and hovered a bit over Naraku’s face. Naraku bit him hard in the crook of his neck and continued to lap at the blood.

Sesshoumaru grabbed his chin and turned Naraku to face him, he looked like a pup who just started to feed, the blood dribbled down his chin, and Sesshoumaru knelt his head down to lick the blood and brought his lips to Naraku’s and gave him a soul-searing kiss. He finally found his mate, the new Lady of the Western Lands.

Oh how his life would be interesting.

(This is the second time I've written a Yaoi short story, so if the lemon is bad.. i will get my yaoi lemons better over time..! I promise!)

I hope you like it, if the LJ cut doesn't work.. Gomen Nasai!

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