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New Fanfic

hey people, I wrote another fanfic dedicated to Lord Fluffy
Title: Back to the Beginning
New Chapter: Chap.1-The Start of it All
Genre: AU/Drama/Romance
Major Pairings: Sess-OC
Minor Pairings (but they make major appearinces through out the story): Inu-Kik, Kag-Nar, San-Mir, Kouga-Ayame
Rating: R for violence, self-mutilation, language, dark imagery, lemon(later chapters)
Summary: Two beings that are made for each other. One is carved out of ice, one is just a burning heat. They have more in common than they think. How can they come to terms?
Chapter Summary: The story starts a year before the prologue. The start of the second week of school. When Annika finally meets Sesshoumaru, it doesn't go very well.

oh, and I apologize now for the long note after the chapter... Hope you like it. I'm alternating working on new chapters between this story and my other story.

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