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Fanfic Update

This is a different Fanfiction I'm working on and I updated it, and I thought everyone might like to read it.
Title: Guarzione di Argenta (Lining of Silver)
New Chapter: Chap. 2- Now a New Life
Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance
Major Pairings: Sess-OC
Minor Pairings: Kag-Kouga, San-Mir
Rated: R for violence, language, and lemony content (in later chapters)
Summary: Velluta is an Italian Exchange student who shows up at Kagome's house a during finals week. She is going to start the next school year with Kagome, but is she? Once Kagome has to go back to Feudal Japan, Velluta follows her! Kagome freaks and trys to send her back, but she can't get back through the well! Now she is stuck there, so what will happen when the group finds out that have a new member?
Chapter Summary: Velluta is now in Feudal Japan, and she meets our favorite shard hunting group. All goes fine, but there is something suspicious about her; she's hiding something. After a fight with Sesshoumaru, they all find out her deep dark secret. She finally confesses that she's a...
(sorry, you have to read to find out.)

Sorry, for the long Author's note at the end. I tend to ramble, but this time, it was short that the first chapters!

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