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Dreaming of Freedom

Well, I wrote a little something, but if you haven't read chapter 374 of the manga, "Wind" Then don't click on the link, it's a major spoiler. I put it in here 'cause I think Sesshoumaru has feelings for her.

Such a great villaness deserves a memorial. Better than what I gave, but this is all I can do.

Kagura no Fujin
She could always fly away,
Though never by her choice.
On the the winds she wanted
Nothing more than to soar.
She dreamed only of freedom.

Fear was a part of her life,
But it never slowed her down.
Determination always shone through
Carring her past it all.
She dreamed only of freedom.

Many were her fights,
For herself and for her master,
Betraying him only to find
It was she who was betrayed.
She dreamed only of freedom.

She looked for help from others
But ended up being snubbed.
The turn-down made her stronger
Wanting more then ever her true wish.
She dreamed only of freedom.

Her master released her
But in his own twisted way.
For by granting her her heart,
He also gifted her with death.
Still she dreamed of freedom.

In a field she fell alone,
Thinking 'Is this really my dream?'
She was found by one who cared
And many friends never looked for.
Her dream of freedom come true.

She returned to the wind from whence she came,
For in the end,
She smiled.

I hope you enjoyed it, and that it wasn't to terribly bad ^_^
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