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Fluffy Love

The Rants of Sesshoumaru Lovers

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Are you a person who just Sesshoumaru? Is it because of the fluffiness? His cold hearted self even though he cares for a lil girl named Rin? Well, whatever reason it maybe, join this place if you are indeed a Fluffy Lover! This is a place hwere you can post all about your love for our dear Lord Sesshoumaru-Sama! You can post fanart, poetry or just whatever. Just make sure it is Sesshoumaru related in some odd way. ^_^

The Rules:
Okay, there are some things I would like for the members here to understand. I want things nice and clean here. And here's what I want you to do and not do:

1. There are some stuff I want you to shorten your posts with if you're gonna post something HUGE besides a regular short post and these are the items I wish for you to keep behind a cut:

a.) Images that are larger than 150x150 or more than 100K.
b.) Polls cause crap those things can take up a very big section of your LJ >_<
c.) Spoilers or some secret info normal Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru fans wouldn't know. Some fans here might not be through the whole series or whatever and love it if they find things out for themselves than have some blabber mouth spill something real cool or tragic they shouldn't or don't want to know yet.
d.) LONG posts. Kinda common sense, ne?
e.)If thou does not know how to cut things, use this:

2. Keep the posts about Sesshoumaru or something Inuyasha/Sesshoumaru related. This shouldn't be too hard, now should it? =P If you post something other than this, it shall be deleted.

3. Keep things non-wet and clean here, please. At lease PG 13. Keep cursing and swearing at a low level if you would, too.

4. Posting fan art and fan fics is fine, just liek I said in 3 up there, keep it clean. If you insist on posting adult material, AT LEAST put it behind an LJ cut 9_9;

5. If you make a fan site/community for a character of Inuyasha, it can be posted here. Like I said, anything that's not Sesshoumaru or Inuyasha related will be deleted. Spamming this community with random sites or something is just plain rude.

6. Don't bash other users about stupid things. This community is meant to be fun for everyone and plus, seeing people bicker about stupid and little crap annoys me, and I'm a rather short tempered mod so please, no bashing cause it will be bad for your health if you do >.<

7. Have fun =3

Stuff Made by the Fans:

Sesshoumaru is sex love.

This lovely banner was made by one of our great members, [Bad username: natasha_lumiere]