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New Fanfic

I started a new story for you all to enjoy!
Title: Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?
New Chap: Chapter One- Unfrozen to Flooding Memories
Major Pairings: Sess-Kag
Minor Pairings: San-Mir, Inu-Kik, Rin-Kohaku, Shippou-Kanna, Nar-OC(one sided), Kouga-Ayame, Kagura-OC (so she isn't left out of the lovin')
Rated: R for violence, dark imagery and lemons (later chapters)
Summary: AU. When the final battle arrived, Kagome and the others are joined by Kouga, Ayame, Kikyou, and Sesshoumaru, then during the battle Kagura and Kanna backstab Naraku and get their hearts back, and they all think they defeated him. Once the wish is made on the Shikon no Tama, it re-entered Kagome's body. Later that evening, she returens home to tell her family, but instead finds them slaughtered. It was Naraku who killed them, and almost killed her. Now after being frozen until someone could operate on her and save her, she is woken up 117 years later, but they find she is not injured and doesn't need surgery. Once her happy, and horrid memories return, she befriends her doctor, and that's not all that awaits her in the year 2121...
Chapter Summary: Kagome is unfrozen and Dr. Rachelle Marahute Ixion is called to be her doctor. She befriends Kagome, and realizes all of her friends, are the friends Kagome had in the Feudal Era. She takes Kagome home with her and they become fast friends.

Sorry if Chapter one is a little slow, it gets better in the next chapter!!
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